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No view could be more pleasing than watching some of our broodmares and their babies!
Both, Kendra and I, originate from farm families and were always involved with
horses in our youth; however, our USDA veterinary careers combined with related
travel prevented us from breeding and raising competitive Quarter Horses until much
later in life.

With the acquisition of our current property in Austin, Minnesota a few years ago and
some adjustments in our demanding careers, we were finally in a position to realize
our dreams of building the best broodmare band possible - one we could be proud
of for years to come!

In realizing early on that, regardless of how good a stallion is, it takes top
broodmares with all the essential credentials to produce competitive babies that will
stand out and win. With that thought in mind we searched for and secured the finest
mares from all over the nation - a superb collection any serious breeder would be
proud to own.

Our Stallion Gallery is nothing short of a pride to behold! All of these great individuals
were hand-picked; selected for their beauty, correctness, superb bloodlines and
ability to compliment our fine broodmares to produce winners with a top
conformation and a pedigree to match.

And a Note on Color: "There is simply no good color on a bad horse, and no bad
color on a good horse". With that in mind, we consider the colored horse as a added
bonus, and nothing other than that.

Come on in and see for yourself! If you like what you saw, or wish to comment on
our website, please sign our Guestbook. We would love to hear from you!
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